flavor from the ground up

Forts Ferry Farm produces hundreds of varieties of produce and florals year round in the rich soils of New York’s Capital Region. Our produce is selectively curated, hand-picked, and tended to using the cleanest of growing practices—completely chemical free and predominantly no till. You can find all of our chef-made products, fresh produce and florals at our flagship location in Hudson, New York.

From the journal

Flavors from the Farm Cookbook

From acclaimed Chef Emma Hearst, Flavors from the Farm celebrates seasonal ingredients. Vegetables star in this beautifully photographed collection, featuring more than 100 casual, personal, and playful recipes — from garden-driven cocktails, imaginative snacks, and creative salads to crowd-pleasing platters and more!

Take a trip down the rabbit hole and into our whimsical foodie wonderland at Farm Shoppe, our flagship location in Hudson, New York. In addition to all of our farm products and fresh produce, you’ll find fun antiques, delightfully curated pantry staples, farm-made frozen entrees, baked goods, and more!